Monday, June 23, 2008

Firearms Safety

Children and Firearms

Gun violence has been part of our children’s lives for several years now. This year is perhaps the worst year of all. Several school shootings, children shot on the streets and children playing with handguns in the home have continually been one of the most common headlines in the news.

While we cannot protect our children from every situation in life, there are some things we can control. If you own firearms, store them away empty and keep them under lock and key. Bullets should be stored apart from guns and also kept in a locked area. Keep the keys hidden away from the children.

Statistically, nearly 40% of households with children in the United States have guns. Children are curious by nature. Exploration and discovery are part of their every day world. Talk with your children about the dangers of guns and help disassociate video game violence from the real thing.

Lastly, listen closely to your children. If they tell you someone at school is threatening to bring a weapon, call the school principal. Even if it’s just a prank, it’s better to be safe than sorry.