Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Your help is desperately needed.

As you know, there have been many natural disasters that have happened in the world. Earthquakes in China and Japan, hurricanes in the United States, heavy flooding in Honduras and Haiti are some of the recent challenges the people of the world are experiencing. Although we are all currently worried about our economy and having to cut back on things, we should remember that our grass is greener than many parts of the world. Last week, Dr. Wall returned from Honduras where he helped during the recent flooding from heavy rains. Joining other professionals in the effort, over 1,000 people were given free medical services including health exams, eye tests and dental check-ups.

During the week, one family right in the area died from the flooding. Many were struggling to find food and shelter, help elderly parents and save what crops they could. And we think we have it bad!

Please consider donating to World Vision or World Relief (links below) to help out this poor nation. Even if you can afford to give just $10, you will be a lifeline to these families. Thank you for helping those in great need.

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