Monday, December 15, 2008

Flu Season is here

We are seeing lots of flu cases this season in the office. If your child has not received his/her vaccine against the flu, now is the time to make an appointment to receive one. This year's flu has caused the entire realm of ill effects...upper respiratory symptoms, vomiting, diarrhea, chills fever, all over body aches and headaches. It is extremely contagious. The flu season lasts well into spring. We strongly recommend that you have your child immunized at this time.

You may be wondering if it’s too late to get a flu shot. No. According to the CDC, the height of the flu season happens in January or later. Therefore you still have plenty of time to get vaccinated. The CDC recommends that everyone should get a flu shot but the very young and the elderly are the most vulnerable populations to be hospitalized due to the flu. To learn more about the flu vaccine and who should- and should not-be vaccinated, visit

Why are young children in the most vulnerable group? They are susceptible to complications of pneumonia, muscle infection and other ailments. The small cost of this immunization could save you thousands of dollars of medical bills if your child ends up hospitalized. The added burden of lost wages, vacation time used and additional families members exposed should also is taken into consideration.

We are now booking appointments for our newest pediatrician, Dr. Tara Jackson. Her first day is January 5th.

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