Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Video Games for Christmas?

With the upcoming holiday season, we strongly recommend to our parents to be vigilant in reviewing the video games that your children want for Christmas. For a list of games that are appropriate for your children, The National Institute on Media and Family has posted a game list on their website at http://www.mediafamily.org/.

As you know, many video games have highly suggestive themes such as sexual content, violence and drug use. Remember, your child is a product not only of your teaching but their environment. Your guidance will help your child make good decisions as they grow up and when they become parents themselves.

The great majority of children today play video games. As pediatricians, we recommend that your child spend no more than one hour daily playing them. And don’t forget about the online game sites and to put parental controls in place for those sites that you find objectionable.

We also encourage parents to pick videos that encourage exercise for younger kids. Interactive games that require children to lift their leg, jump or dance helps them burn those extra calories they may be consuming as well as burning off extra energy!

Lastly, always check the rating listed on the video game. Games that are M-rated are intended for those over 17 years of age.

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