Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti earthquake relief

The earthquake in Haiti has caused massive destruction. The news media describe it as destruction of “biblical proportions”. Over 200,000 people are believed to be dead with thousands more still buried beneath the rubble most of whom will more than likely die before they can be rescued. Many children have become orphans. Can you imagine the terror these children are experiencing by the loss of their parents? Who is there to comfort them and ensure they will receive food and shelter?

Thus far approximately $310 million dollars has been pledged from around the world to help rebuild Haiti. Though it sounds like a lot of money in perspective it is less than 3 times what it cost to build Bill Gates’ home in Washington.

What infrastructure Haiti had will need to be totally rebuilt. The poorest of all countries in the Western Hemisphere, Haitians lacked basic needs that you and I take for granted even before the earthquake hit. 80% of the population lived on less that $2 per day....not even enough money for a Starbucks latte here in this country.

Our own current economic situation is difficult but nothing in comparison to what Haitians live with every single day of their lives. We have a wonderful opportunity to truly extend a hand to another and show compassion to those whose needs are great.

Please consider donating to one of the many agencies that have sent rescue workers to Haiti. No contribution is too small. Remember, these people are used to surviving on less than $2 per day. Your donation will help rebuild this country and help repair their hearts.

Some of the agencies that you may send financial aid through are:

The American Red Cross:

World Vision:

Save the Children:


Habitat for Humanity:

The Salvation Army:

World Relief:

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