Monday, June 21, 2010

Swaddling your Infant

From the desk of Jessica Pech, CPNP:
What is swaddling?

Swaddling refers to the act of wrapping your baby in a blanket to provide comfort, warmth and security.

What are the benefits of swaddling?

In addition to providing comfort, warmth and security for your baby studies have shown that swaddling may help your baby sleep longer with decreased periods of arousal or awakening. It may also help decrease your infant from scratching his/her face and/or waking up frequently from the startling reflex.

Important Facts to remember:

-Swaddled infants should ALWAYS be placed on their backs to sleep….NEVER on their stomachs or face down!

-Always use a light blanket and do not overdress your baby to avoid overheating.

-Swaddling blankets should never cover the infants face or head.

-If the swaddle blanket becomes too loose, remove it from the sleep area.

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