Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How do I know when to take my child to the doctor?

Are you sometimes unsure whether your child needs to be seen by the doctor? The American Academy of Pediatrics now has a symptom checker on their website. Here you will be able to view various maladies your child may have. Stomach ache? Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether that stomach ache is constipation, gastroenteritis or strep. Yes, strep can cause abdominal pain in some children!

On the web page, you can click on an image of a boy or girl to show the area of the body that your child is complaining about. Click on the area to view symptoms, get advice on when to call the doctor and care advice if the symptoms appear to be something that just needs to take its course.

Parents sometimes struggle to know whether to bring their child to the doctor. The symptom checker may relieve some of that uncertainty for you and save you a trip to the pediatrician. Here at PHA, our nurse triage team can always answer your questions and help you decide whether your child needs to be evaluated. We set aside appointments every day in order for sick child to be seen quickly.

Children often get sick at inconvenient times. They wake you in the middle of the night or come down with something on a Sunday afternoon when the doctor’s office is closed. Symptom checker will help you decide whether it’s something that can wait till morning or if it’s something of a more urgent nature that you need to page the doctor about. Waiting for that call back can be stressful. Symptom checker may just relieve your concern and allow you and your child to get back to sleep at night.

For new parents it can be especially nerve wracking when your newborn is crying. You try feeding them, changing their diaper, take their temperature and make sure nothing is poking them and yet the crying persists. If only babies could talk! addresses what common conditions newborns may have. It will empower you as a parent to feel more in control of the situation.

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