Monday, February 13, 2012

Special Meeting tonight!

Tonight at the Naperville Public Library on 95th Street (3015 Cedar Glade Drive) there will be a presentation on “The Rising Tide of Heroin Abuse in Naperville” at 7 pm. This will be an open forum put together by the Naperville police department, area schools, social workers, parents and young people who have classmates and friends that have died from drug overdoses.

The Chicago area has the unfortunate distinction of having the highest heroin use in the country. There are 50% MORE heroin emergency room than the second highest competitor, New York City! In Naperville alone, heroin arrests have risen in just the past two years by 34%. Drug overdoses have killed at least seven of our young people.

Remember, even “good kids” can fall victim to temptation. We strongly encourage parents and their children attend.

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