Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas season is here.  For our kids, it’s a time of excitement.  For us, maybe not so much!   Harried parents are scrambling to get everything ready for the holiday and that can create a lot of stress!  We tend to forget to take care of ourselves. So consider this year stepping back and make some time for yourself.  It’s ok if you don’t make 10 side dishes!   Don’t lose sight of what’s important---quality family time where you and the kids can laugh, enjoy each other, spend time together and relax.   The latest video game is not what’s going to be long remembered….it’s the memories of the heart that last. 
Sometimes we beat ourselves up or feel guilty if we didn’t get every single thing done to make the holiday special.  Moms are especially prone to feeling guilty!   But what’s really most important for your kids is to feel loved…to be hugged…to be have time with you!
Yes, sometimes kids will be disappointed that they didn’t get the latest and greatest.   That’s ok!   Some of the best lessons in life come out of difficult moments.  Let kids learn that life is full of ups and downs.   It will help them develop coping skills and learn to be appreciative of what they do have in life.
Christmas is a good time for reflection.   What moments meant the most to them?  What skills did they learn?  If there are areas they still haven’t grasped such as the gifts of patience, generosity, kindness or humbleness use this time for them to experience them!  Opening their eyes to the world around them holds lessons beyond what we ever imagined.   There’s so much for kids to learn and while it seems like we have forever to teach it to them, they are grown and gone before we’ve finished.
Our wish for you this year is that you will have memories filled with happiness, love and joy.   May God bless each of you richly every day and may His light shine upon you!

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