Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day to All of our Moms!

                                       Moms Give the Best Hugs!

Being a mom is one of the most important roles you’ll ever fulfill.   Not only are you the hand that rocks the cradle, you more than likely are the greatest influence in your child’s life!

Moms are our heroes.  They are the gatekeepers in most families.  Whether keeping the home fires burning, helping with homework, getting everyone to their appointed rounds or working outside of the home we owe a great deal of gratitude for their sacrifice.  

Moms often feel guilty about leaving their child with a caregiver.  It’s natural to feel that way but remember that you are providing some wonderful learning opportunities for them when you are gone.  Learning to share, how to get along with others, listening to authority and becoming more independent are just a few of the life lessons that they learn.  

It’s important for moms to take some time for themselves.   You can’t constantly give, give, give without giving yourself some time to replenish.    You might feel like that’s a selfish thing to do especially if you have to say no to something your child wants. If you are in a happier state of mind, the entire family benefits!  Your emotional well being affects how positive you are when dealing with things.  

Finding time for yourself can be a real challenge.  Here’s some suggestions that are either free or low cost ways to find some time for yourself:

  • Arrange with friends or neighbors play dates for your kids and take turns with each other for some “me” time.
  • Some area churches have “moms day out” programs
  • Check your local fitness center to see if they have free babysitting while you work out.
  • After the kids go to bed, light some candles, put on some music, fill the tub and enjoy a good book.
  • If you work, make the most of your drive time by enjoying your favorite music or audio book.  Let the phone go to voicemail and answer texts later.
  • Buy a single flower and put it where you spend the most time…the beauty of a single rose or carnation can lift your spirit! 
              We hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

Some helpful info for moms:

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