Monday, July 22, 2013

Avoiding Heatstroke

With the sweltering temps the past week, we’d like to remind parents that children should not be left alone in a car even for a minute.   Temperatures inside a closed automobile rise quickly and can go well over 100 degrees. So far this year fifteen children who were left in a hot car have died.  

If you see a child left unattended in a vehicle, no matter what the temperature, you should call 911. 

Children playing hide ‘n seek see cars as good places to hide so remember to keep your car locked, even in the driveway and garage to ensure that children cannot get inside on their own. 

Pets also should also not be left in a hot car.   They are just as susceptible to the heat, maybe even more so since they do not sweat.  Cracking the window an inch does not sufficiently control the temperature inside the car.

During hot weather, children and adults need to keep hydrated.  Water is best to drink.  Electrolyte drinks while popular, are not recommended due to their sugar content. 

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