Friday, August 23, 2013

Glued to the phone?

Many children are socially awkward today.  The lack of face to face interaction can hamper a child’s ability to know how to handle situations.   While texting is a form of interaction, it does not allow our children to learn important skills in life such as teamwork, learning to share, reading body language or holding a conversation.

While on vacation, are your kids so busy texting that they are missing the experience?  You’ve spent lots of money and your available time off for this family time---have the kids leave their phones behind so they can take in the scenery, enjoy time with the family and experience a different part of the world.

While most schools require that phones are put away during class time, many children are receiving texts from us parents during class time.   While it may not seem like much interruption, it takes away your child’s focus on what’s being taught in the classroom.   We all want the very best for our kids so resist the temptation to text them during class.

We cannot stress enough how important it is for children to play, have physical activity, learn new skills, interact with others and perhaps most importantly, have family time.  Set limits as to how much time kids can use their phone at home.   Some important times to curb use of the phone:

·        Dinner hour should be a “no texting” time.  Let it be a family time to talk and share.

·        Worship service….phones off!    Listening, learning to be respectful and giving them an opportunity to decide how the world was created helps children develop important skills that they will use life long.    Employers will expect them to take instruction, be respectful towards others and share their thoughts and opinions.

·        Schedule a weekly family night---watch a movie together, play a board game, go out for a walk and leave the phones on the counter.   Make it a “media free zone” where no internet, no texting, and no phone calls are allowed.   Make the evening a mandatory family time when everyone is in attendance with rare exceptions.

Kids grow up quicker than we realize.   Creating memories and relationships while they are still at home will benefit everyone.   Don’t miss out!

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