Monday, November 11, 2013

Helping our kids appreciate

November begins our month of thanks—what better way to start but with Veteran’s Day. We offer heartfelt appreciation to the veterans in our practice—the moms and dads of our patients and even some of our former patients who have grown up and have served or are serving today. We realize the sacrifice you have made to keep us safe—many thanks.

It is impossible to shield kids from all the chaos that is happening in our world.  Kids who have parents serving in the military may express a higher level of stress as they hear about the casualties of war.    Even if you don’t have the news on, they may hear about it at school or from friends.   Whether you have a loved one currently serving or not, we encourage you to talk with your kids about how our soldiers are working around the world to keep us safe.  It may just be the very thing they need to hear to reassure them.

Give your kids a history lesson by bringing the past to life.    Personalize it by telling them stories about family members who have served.  For me, I’d tell my kids about their great grandfather who was in the Philippines in WW1, their grandfather defending our coasts during WW2 in the Coast Guard, several of my uncles also in WW2, or my cousins who fought in Vietnam. We all have a family heritage of men and women who protected us and others during past and current wars.  While history isn’t always easy to tell, it is important for our kids to understand the cost of freedom.

Whether you know someone serving currently or is a veteran, set the example by thanking them for their service.   This would also be a great opportunity to put together a “care package” to send to a soldier for Christmas.   At  there are care package ideas that will help you send a little piece of “home” to one of our soldiers.
As we talk appreciation, we think of those in dire needs.  Talk to your family about the serious condition of millions in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan on Friday.  It is the second category 5 typhoon to h it the Philippines this year.   Believed to be the strongest tropical storm in recorded history, at least 10,000 are feared dead and 4 million people affected.  It was worse than Katrina or Hurricane Sandy.   Making matters even worse, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake happened there just 3 weeks ago.   Please consider having your whole family give towards the relief effort.   Some suggested groups who are providing relief that have a long and honorable history of helping those in need around the globe are:

  • Other groups collecting funds through your place of worship.

Thanks for helping your family “appreciate” our Vets and those in need by giving thanks and monies.

Tim Wall


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