Friday, May 9, 2014

Have a media plan

Ah, the electronic age….connected 24/7/365!   Isn’t it great to touch base with everyone on your list via facebook, text, email, instagram or old fashioned phone calls?   Here’s some suggestions to help your family in the electronic world.

Discuss with your kids the consequences of sharing too much.  What goes out on the internet can stay there forever.   Future employers and college admission departments are searching the web for info about the person they’re considering.

Don’t forget to discuss “Stranger Danger” on the internet. Institute rules for what they are allowed to share online.  Some things they should NOT share are:
  • When the family is going on vacation.

  • Phone numbers, addresses, or personally identifying information.

  • Inappropriate pixs…make a rule that if you can’t hang it on the wall, it doesn’t belong anywhere else.

Face to face interaction is important for developing skills such as negotiation, creativity and learning to share.  Do they seem tired?  Ensure they're getting enough sleep at night by requiring cell phones to be left in the kitchen overnight.  Set computers in a common area to keep a distant eye on what websites they are viewing.  Require they "friend" you to keep up on what's going on in their lives.

Dinnertime is family time.  NO cell phones, no text messages allowed!  Spend one on one time shooting baskets or playing a board game to give your kids a chance to talk with you and to just have fun as a family.

If your child is going to camp this summer, find one that enforces a "no electronic media" policy so they get the full benefit of the camp experience.

We are here to help you navigate parenthood.  Let's be proactive instead of just reactive.

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