Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Keeping your child's healthcare costs down

Pediatric Health is open 7 days a week (including 3 evenings per week) to better serve our families, especially our moms and dads who may be working during the day or do not have transportation available to them at that time.  More important though is to help our families keep their health care expenses to a minimum.

Co-pays and co-insurance generally increase when taking your child to the emergency room or to a convenient care center.  For many families, that means the $20 office co-pay is now $80 at the emergency room.  If you pay co-insurance, that 20% will be considerably more expensive as the e.r. will cost you around $500 just to be seen. Tests performed will also cost you more.   When you take your child to a minute clinic, the e.r. or convenient care, unnecessary tests may be run on your child because they do not know your child’s history.  

Generally emergency rooms are pretty busy meaning that if your child is not urgently sick, your wait time will be longer than you hoped.  Remember, the role of an e.r. physician is to decide which patients are in acute distress and attended to first.

People in the waiting room may have different health problems.  That person coughing and not covering their mouth may be spewing a virus into the room that your child previously wasn’t exposed to!

Your pediatrician has your child’s health history readily available. Sometimes symptoms aren’t sufficient enough to diagnose a problem in the early stages of an illness meaning that it may be necessary to have your child seen more than once.  While frustrating, many illnesses have similar symptoms.  We want to make sure your child is getting the right medication for the right condition.  

Whenever you have concerns about your child’s health feel free to call the office.  Our nurses are here to help decipher whether your child’s illness warrants a trip to the office.

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