Thursday, September 24, 2015

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Know how we like to buy fruit scented soaps 
so our kids will want to wash their hands?  It’s a great incentive especially if it gets them to do it without nagging!

With these yummy smelling things comes the temptation for kids to eat it.  Poison control centers have seen a 400% increase to their call centers nationwide from children ingesting hand sanitizer, detergent or other chemical agents.   In 2010 poison control handled about 3,000 calls relating to these products.  By 2014, calls spiked to over 16,000! 

Many products we have in the bathroom and kitchen do not have child proof caps making access super easy.  We remind parents to take the time to have a safety talk with children 8 and younger about how these products can look, smell or taste great but can make them very sick if they are eaten.  If possible, keep hand sanitizer out of children’s reach and be present when any products of this nature are used.


Kids start asking for cell phones sooner than most of us feel they need to have one.  There is no right or wrong age for kids to have a phone.  Each child’s maturity level is often the key to making the decision.  Younger children tend to use their phones to play games.  By middle school they are more likely to direct their attention to social media to stay in touch with their friends.   Parents like the assurance that they can get in touch with their child whenever they need to.  

Whatever age you decide is appropriate, remember to use the parental controls for what they can access.   It is also a good idea to have a family rule that phones are left on the kitchen counter at night so that kids aren’t tempted to socialize throughout the night and lose out on a good night’s sleep. 


Footnote:   Last week’s Republican debate once again stirred the pot on the notion that autism is caused by vaccines.  There is NO scientific evidence that backs this theory.  NONE.  However there is scientific evidence that infectious diseases ARE prevented by vaccines. 
If you think about it, you probably don’t know anyone who was born in this country after the mid-1960’s that has polio. Know anyone with smallpox?   Diseases such as these have been eliminated in this country thanks to vaccines!   But the ONLY way to keep them eliminated is by continuing to vaccinate our children.  
Don’t take the chance that if everyone else is immunized that you don’t need to worry about your children.  While many diseases have been prevented in THIS country, that’s not true worldwide.  We are a very mobile society meaning that diseases can still be brought into the U.S.   You may not know anyone from outside of America so it’s tempting to think it will not ever affect you.  In everyday living you pass by people in grocery stores,  hallways, schools, gas stations, banks, etc. where someone who is infected could be passing by you.

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