Friday, November 6, 2015

PHA is part of a research study that you may be asked to be part of. Also, healthcare open enrollment has begun.

Starting Monday, November 9th, Pediatric Health will be participating in a study on food insecurity.  You may be asked to fill out a two question screening during your office visit.

Sixteen million children in this country do not have sufficient amounts of food at home according to the Department of Agriculture.  Children who are hungry have poorer health and get sick more often.

Our goal is to provide our families with resource information such as area food pantries, enrollment in school breakfast and lunch programs and assistance in obtaining food stamps.

Although your family may not need help, please know that we are merely trying to make sure all of our children receive good nutrition.  We know that children who are not hungry perform better at school because they can concentrate on the work instead of their stomachs.

Open enrollment has begun for those who need to purchase insurance from the Affordable Care Act Marketplace.  Enrollment runs from Nov. 1, 2015, through Jan. 31, 2016.

Lower income wage earners who do not qualify for Medicaid assistance may be eligible for financial assistance to help with your premiums.  The U.S. Treasury provides a tax credit that is paid directly to the insurance company on your behalf.

Since inception, almost 10 million people have enrolled through the Marketplace.  A variety of plans are available.    While some plans may have lower monthly premiums, they will have higher deductibles so it is important to consider which is more affordable.

For those who choose to forego health insurance, the federal penalty this year is increased to $695 per uninsured adult or approximately 2% of your income, whichever is greater.

To review the plan offerings and enroll, please visit

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