Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Happenings at PHA and Dr. Nasrullah is now seeing patients at Plainfield, Naperville and West Chicago offices

We know it’s hard for kids to come into the office on special days like Halloween!  Our staff tries hard to make it fun for the kids to be here and thought you might enjoy seeing their endeavors.
Those of us lucky enough to work at Pediatric Health do so because of our love of children.   It’s always so exciting to share in the lives of the kids….from their very first visit as a new born, to their first day of kindergarten, moving onto middle school and graduation from high school.   We enjoy each special moment in their lives! 




Nishat Nasrullah, D.O.

Appointments are now being scheduled with our newest physician, Nishat Nasrullah, D.O.   She will be seeing patients at the Naperville, West Chicago and Plainfield offices. 

Dr. Nasrullah looks forward to meeting our families and we think you will just find her to be a wonderful addition to our staff!


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