Friday, February 3, 2017

Please consider contacting Congress about health care access

Dear Parents,
As you are aware the Affordable Care Act (ACA) may soon be dismantled.   President Trump has said that this will be replaced by something better but he indicated it may or may not happen simultaneously potentially leaving millions of people without health insurance in the meantime.    Should this happen, anyone who has a health crisis during that time will find themselves facing considerable hospital bills that they personally will be responsible for. 

The ACA expansion has allowed access to healthcare to many children through the Medicaid program so they will no longer be eligible to receive benefits.   These children may lose access to school entry if they cannot be vaccinated or participate in sports because they cannot afford a sports physical.

While children can receive vaccines at the local health department, there is a nominal fee for each vaccine.  For many, even a nominal cost is more than they can afford.   Although we tend to think this happens in more rural areas of the country, we can attest that we see many families right here in our area that are struggling to make ends meet.

Please join us in calling our representatives in Congress and asking them to continue providing health access for all children.  This doesn’t affect just a few people, it affects 20  million!

You may find your member of Congress through the following link:

We have also attached a link to the letter the American Academy of Pediatrics has sent to President Trump: 

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