Friday, June 23, 2017

Thousands of Kids At Risk of Not Getting Vaccines 
Tara Doman, MD
Timothy Wall, MD

Dr. Wall and Dr. Doman were interviewed by NBC news on the effects of the state budget crisis on healthcare services.  Whether your child is on private insurance or Medicaid they are at risk of disease outbreaks this school year if the State of Illinois doesn't pass a budget by the end of June. With Illinois not having a budget for the past two years payments to physicians are stalled leaving medical practices and hospitals with a huge debt crisis.    

This past fall the state ruled that children on the Medicaid Title 21 program could no longer receive state funded vaccines but would reimburse physicians for the cost of private vaccinations. With some vaccines costing over $150 (set by the manufacturer) the outlay of cash has been considerable for practices.  Unfortunately with the state budget crisis, Pediatric Health along with most practices who accept Medicaid patients have not been reimbursed.

With people traveling worldwide the potential threat of diseases being shared in this country is very real.  Unvaccinated children may be in school, church or camp with your children.   This is especially concerning if you have a young child who because of age hasn't had all immunizations yet.   We have seen groups of college students here in DuPage County that have had the measles.   It only takes one measles case to start an epidemic.

The budget crisis affects more than just our children....if impacts seniors in nursing homes, people who are disabled and need special services and it  affects many single parents raising kids on their own.   The bottom line is that all of our kids are at risk.  Please consider contacting your state rep or senator and the governor to encourage resolution of the budget crisis.

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