Tuesday, December 18, 2018

How do pediatricians treat their own kids when they have a cold?

Dear Parents Panel of AAP Moms,

Many thanks to all of you for participating in the first survey on children’s cough and cold remedies. Parents magazine has published the article with all of your great tips and advice:

You are welcome to share the piece on your own social media networks, too! Here is a link to Parents’ Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/parentsmagazine/posts/10156895635031182 and tweet: https://twitter.com/parentsmagazine/status/1069931861915385856. AAP will also be sharing these from our HealthyChildren.org social media platforms.  

If you’d like to tag us in your posts, the best handles to include are @Parentsmagazine and @AmerAcadPeds.

We’re looking forward to the next survey in early 2019. Meanwhile, we wish you all a warm, happy and healthy holiday season.

Kind regards,

Susan Stevens Martin
American Academy of Pediatrics

Julia Edelstein
Parents magazine

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