Friday, February 8, 2019

Jihad Shoshara, MD

Earlier this week, Islamophobic emails from the account of Joe Ricketts – patriarch of the family that owns the Chicago Cubs – were leaked to the press. Ricketts and the Cubs organization have come under fire for what many have called an insufficient response to the bigotry expressed in the emails. The Chicago Tribune ran an op-ed by Dr. Shoshara explaining why the Cubs need to do more to denounce Islamophobia, and AM 670 WSCR (The Score) interviewed him on the subject as well. From the article:

“I love the Cubs, but I love my family and my country more. As an American and a Muslim, I won’t continue to support an organization willing to take my money but not willing to stand up for my right to be both. Until the Cubs organization works collaboratively with my community to call out bigotry with concrete measures, I’m out.”

Links Dr. Shoshara's op/eds are below.